1:1 Breathwork Sessions

1:1 breathwork sessions are offered virtually or in-person at my home clinic space in downtown Saskatoon. These private sessions hold great value as it allows me to offer support and practices that are personally considered and tailored to who you are and what you presently need.

The full experience is 90 minutes.

Together, we will create sessions that will bring about healing experiences that are suited to YOU. Your body knows how to heal itself and with the support of therapeutic breathwork we create opportunities to experience that.

Utilizing the elements of:

  • A safe, quiet and comfortable practice space
  • Conversation & personal inquiry
  • Intention or Prayer
  • Therapeutic breathwork sequences
  • Elevated playlists
  • Journal integration
  • Consistent & considerate support
  • Spiritual Guidance

I recommend the 1:1 experience to those who:

  • Feel more comfortable in privacy during their session, which allows for a deeper sense of feeling safe and able to let go
  • Think they would be distracted by others in a group setting
  • Are seeking a nurturing environment to explore something they wish to go deeper with, supported by personal guidance, care, & attention
  • May have injuries or specific conditions that require extra consideration to safely practice
  • Are currently working through trauma, fear, anxiety, depression, etc. and know that they would feel safer in a setting with personal monitoring & support

Available Online or In-Person

1 sessions – $111
3 sessions – $300
5 sessions – $475
10 sessions – $900