Massage Therapy

A loving gift to the physical body. These treatments serve as an opportunity to care for the body in a restful way. Invoking a response from the parasympathetic nervous system, therapeutic & relaxation massage therapy are abundant in benefits:

  • Release muscle tension & stress
  • Improve circulatory, lymphatic, and immune system function
  • Improve joint, muscle, soft tissue health
  • Allows the body to receive the rest & relaxation it needs

All massage therapy treatments include aromatherapy — choice of hypoallergenic grounding body oil OR a CBD massage oil (+$3)

Hourly Rates

60 minutes: $90
90 minutes: $120


This healing work is a non-invasive approach to energetic clearing that is effective in promoting overall wellness, harmony, & balance. Expect to arrive in a safe, cozy, laid back environment where we will discuss your current experience & create an intentional approach to your treatment.

All sessions begin with a short meditation to help you arrive in your body — somatic breath work — & a guided body scan to help you land in a deep, restorative relaxation.

Working in alignment with the cycles of nature, all treatments are intuitively lead & may include: visualizations, crystal healing, personal affirmations, & home practice.


Benefits of reiki can include:

  • Promotes a greater sense of well-being, peace, & connection
  • Induces a state of deep relaxation, where the body can do its restorative work
  • Releases blockages that may be stored in the emotional & energetic bodies
  • Detoxifies body of toxins & brings healthy energy to the organs & glands
  • Regulates blood pressure & strengthens immune function
  • Alleviates stress and may relieve chronic pain
  • Balances hormones, especially in women experiencing hormonal imbalance due to their cycle, menopause, or infertility
  • Alleviates symptoms of depression & anxiety

All reiki treatments include aromatherapy & additional time for follow-up discussion if needed.

Hourly Rates

60 minutes – $95

What others say about Lauren:

I recently had my first ever reiki session with Lauren in addition to a massage treatment and it was an incredible experience. Lauren did such a good job of walking me through the treatment both prior to and during, and the entire time I felt completely safe in her hands. I didn’t have any real expectations to feel anything from the reiki treatment but it wound up being an incredibly intense experience for me. After the treatment was over Lauren held space for me in such a kind and compassionate way when I was in a very vulnerable state. She helped me to process what the treatment had brought up for me in the most kind and caring way and made me feel seen and held.

Even though it was my first time meeting her, her kind and calming energy made it easy to trust her and be open about my experience. Lauren is a truly beautiful person inside and out and I am incredibly grateful for my experience with her. I would highly recommend accessing treatment from Lauren if you are in need of some relaxation, release and healing.

Hannah (she/her)

Not only does Lauren treat your body with care + the upmost respect, but she treats you as a whole — and creates a safe space to be seen + helped in your own unique and individual way. Every time I walk away from my appointment feeling so much love, clarity, less tension + more mobility in my body, and assurance that my soul is on the right path. You can feel the magic in her touch. I am so grateful for her + to be treated by her. She is truly a healer.

Taylor (she/her)


Massage & Reiki Combination

An intentional blend of massage therapy & reiki energy healing. This offering is very close to my heart as I have seen how effective these sessions can be. Beginning with relaxation focused bodywork and massage, the intention is to break up physical tension & prepare the body for deep rest. In working through physical tension, we also break through energetic tension, allowing that which comes to the surface to be more open & able to be cleared. Following the massage, we shift into a short breath work practice & body scan to land fully in rest, ready for energetic healing through reiki.

Hourly Rates

60 minutes: $100
90 minutes: $130
120 minutes: $160



1 month journey


4 x 105 minute (1 hour 45 min) sessions


Once per week for one month

An opportunity to take consistent & intentional care of yourself with devoted weekly sessions to restore balance within your body.

Weekly sessions will include :

  • somatic & relaxation focused bodywork
  • reiki & intuitive energy healing
  • breathwork & pranayama techniques that work in alignment with your needs
  • A tool kit of self-love rituals to practice between our time together
  • lifestyle & mindfulness guidance in alignment with YOU
  • open ended online support for the duration of the month

DEVOTE + RESTORE is an opportunity to take intentional & consistent care of yourself.

As a highly intuitive body & energy worker, each of my services are personalized to what will align best with your present needs. Whether you choose massage therapy, energy work or a loving blend of both — I see this self care investment as an opportunity to breathe well, oxygenating the cells in your body to function more optimally; and to let the parasympathetic nervous system take over to do the regenerative work that your body, mind & spirit need in our ever-shifting world. Expect to be guided through simple somatic breath work techniques with every offering that will help you land in a deep, restorative relaxation. 


What others say about Lauren:

As a massage therapist and a queer Trans person, there are many challenges to finding safe healing space. Lauren does this well she carries wisdom and curiosity. I feel she creates room, and invites healing on many levels. I’m thankful for her and her gifts.

Räe (they/them)

Lauren radiates a calm energy that made me feel so comfortable and relaxed during the treatment. She was more than willing to answer all my questions and I truly appreciate her honesty and communication. She creates a beautifully safe space for healing!

I am so grateful for Lauren’s kind soul and gifted practice!

Jessa (she/her)