What others say about Lauren:

As a massage therapist and a queer Trans person, there are many challenges to finding safe healing space. Lauren does this well she carries wisdom and curiosity. I feel she creates room, and invites healing on many levels. I’m thankful for her and her gifts.

Räe (they/them)

Lauren radiates a calm energy that made me feel so comfortable and relaxed during the treatment. She was more than willing to answer all my questions and I truly appreciate her honesty and communication. She creates a beautifully safe space for healing!

I am so grateful for Lauren’s kind soul and gifted practice!

Jessa (she/her)

Lauren is not only an amazing human being, but she is also the definition of a natural born teacher. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about all aspects of health and wellness. Lauren has the ability to share her focused energy with her students and clients in a way I have never experienced before. The energy she provides, along with her immense background in various yoga practices create one of the best environments for yogis at any stage in their journey. She guided the best practice I have had in studio, and I know she can unlock the hidden potential in so many individuals. Any time spent with Lauren will bring joy and light to your day.

Ben (he/him)

Lauren is an incredible instructor.  She is so generous and sincere in her desire to make each class a truly beautiful experience.  Lauren is very knowledgeable. Her soothing, encouraging voice would explain the history of poses and how they help our body and mind heal, improve flexibility and gain strength. I felt very confident in Lauren’s class, even though I was a beginner in my yoga journey.  Every class that Lauren taught was warm, inviting and utterly fulfilling.  Lauren is a true gift to anyone who has the opportunity be in her presence and benefit from her class. 🥰

Jan (she/her)

I recently had my first ever reiki session with Lauren in addition to a massage treatment and it was an incredible experience. Lauren did such a good job of walking me through the treatment both prior to and during, and the entire time I felt completely safe in her hands. I didn’t have any real expectations to feel anything from the reiki treatment but it wound up being an incredibly intense experience for me. After the treatment was over Lauren held space for me in such a kind and compassionate way when I was in a very vulnerable state. She helped me to process what the treatment had brought up for me in the most kind and caring way and made me feel seen and held.

Even though it was my first time meeting her, her kind and calming energy made it easy to trust her and be open about my experience. Lauren is a truly beautiful person inside and out and I am incredibly grateful for my experience with her. I would highly recommend accessing treatment from Lauren if you are in need of some relaxation, release and healing.

Hannah (she/her)

The experiences I’ve had with her bring me peace and solution in my practice and in my everyday life. I come out of every class I’ve been to better, stronger and energized, with nothing but motivation to carry my day. I learn how to be aligned with ease. With full transparency I believe the gift Lauren has to include, ground and love everyone in the room is uncanny. I trust her even in moments of struggle when I feel I can’t trust myself. I’ve had breakthroughs and I’ve had breakdowns and I can breathe with ease knowing my guide is right there in the room with me, with all of us. I thank Lauren for all of my experiences and helping me shape my practice, but I mostly thank you for showing me I have the chance to be my own teacher and shape my own practice. I can’t uphold my claims enough. Lauren is truly a breath-taking yoga student, lover and teacher. – Morgan

Morgan (he/him)

Lauren radiates positivity and light. From the first vinyasa class I took from her, I was hooked!

Lauren is such an incredible yogi; she curates the best vinyasa flows that both challenge you and encourage you to connect with your breath to deepen your practice.

Having also been fortunate to experience the energy that exudes from her hands during a yin & massage session is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

Jacquie (she/her)

Not only does Lauren treat your body with care + the upmost respect, but she treats you as a whole — and creates a safe space to be seen + helped in your own unique and individual way. Every time I walk away from my appointment feeling so much love, clarity, less tension + more mobility in my body, and assurance that my soul is on the right path. You can feel the magic in her touch. I am so grateful for her + to be treated by her. She is truly a healer.

Taylor (she/her)

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