What is Breathwork?

Our breath bridges the gap between our body, mind, and consciousness. When we breathe in a rhythmic and connected way, we enter into an altered state of being that opens up space for what’s been stored in the body to release. It is no secret that the body is able to remember and hold the experiences, wounds, and trauma that the mind forgets. Practicing breathwork presents an opportunity for unresolved energy and emotions to come to the surface to be processed and released.

This work also allows the body and nervous system to unwind from its conditioning. Deep, rhythmic, and proportional breathing activates our parasympathetic nervous system, which supports the body’s innate healing ability and allows our systems to function harmoniously. 

“To our ordinary consciousness, breathing only serves to maintain our body. But if we go beyond our mind, breathing can open up a completely new foundation for our life.”

– Isla Middendorf

What can breathwork help with?

  • Soothe an overactive stress response
  • Deep relaxation for mind & body
  • To boost our immune function
  • Balance our endocrine system
  • Encourages better digestion
  • Increases energy levels
  • Aids restorative sleep

The process of each practice will be different every single time. And although breath work can help us to feel and process pain, it can also bring us to states of peace, euphoria, bliss, and transformation. Through breathing, we can tap into deeper intuition, a sense of freedom and unconditional love, guidance and inner knowing, and a remembrance about who we truly are. 

This work is profound and transformative. Meet your breath and be met with self-awareness, spiritual connection, energetic restoration, and healing.